About me

August 2014

Hello again!

Did you stumble here by accident or were you looking for me? Either way it is nice to see you even virtually.

When I started designing under the “Gaelle by the sea”, I was framing emotions by using text, graphics and small objects. Briefs from different clients brought more inspiration than ever and together with learning new techniques, the layers of my work (both physical and metaphorical) are increasing. I was using skills that add elements of textures like machine and hand stitching, mixing fabrics and paper, adding stamps and clay. Then collected objects made an apparition too!

The thing with creativity is that it flows. It grows from seeing things, talking to people, walking by the beach, opening a magazine or a book. It never stays in one place. So now I have an even bigger stock of ideas waiting to be nurtured and come to life. Lino cutting has now started to inspire some fabric design. Close up photography is giving me colour palettes and textures abstract backgrounds. Free motion embroidery is adding quirkiness.

In 2016, I started teaching mindfulness. A departure from creativity you would think but actually it grew organically from my design work. I just now happen to blend the two. I teach crafts, mindfulness, creative inspiration… because it flows

So if you find yourself wondering through my work, enjoy and ask questions. Gaelle by the sea postcard

Having an idea in mind for a special someone? Let me know. I accept commissions.

Talk to you soon. With smiles always. x, Gaelle

PS: I almost forgot. For a bit of inspiration, visit me on Pinterest by clicking on this link http://www.pinterest.com/gaellebythesea/.

I have gathered wonderful moments of happiness, ideas, colours and textures from all around the world and very talented people indeed. Enjoy!


May 2014

Long overdue, I am writing this after 42 posts. Why? Because blogging a as much a self-discovery process as it is to voice opinions, share knowledge and  having a diary online.

When I started this blog, I was in the middle of a complete house renovation (you name it, it has been done and some more), about to start a creative business and signing up for a business course and going through the challenges (and precious moments) of motherhood.

3 and a half years ago, we moved down to Cornwall, I got pregnant after years of trying. A bad fall before moving meant a broken ankle, 3 operations and counting and having to review my life. Oh and getting married next year. I don’t ever do simple. I am passionate about creativity, ideas, images and stories. People inspire me. Well some don’t but that’s life I guess. So I concentrate on the good ones, the positive energy that helps me through the winter days and the long slog of setting up what I hope is a family friendly business, designing for a living and enjoying it rather than sitting in an office wishing I was designing, working around my family…

So motherhood via creative business via search for happiness via balanced relationship, family and social life is is not a journey that does run very smoothly. Thanks for popping in and reading. I hope my writing will bring smiles and happy thoughts. It is not perfect, never was meant to be because I am only human and like my accent (French), it will never disappear but will keep me who I am._V6U3741


One thought on “About me

  1. Wow what an inspiring blog. Gaelle, you radiate beauty in person and translate that inspiration into beautiful words x x I am definitely smiling x x

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