When books lead you to other things

I have to admit I have never read as many books as for the last 4 months. None are fiction or even the type I would normally go for but it felt refreshing.

Now and then, I have started to read about a concept, a person and a tool. Whatever it was, if it picked my curiosity, I started Googling it. In fact, I started using my search engine, Wikipedia, Pinterest. I clicked on links and more links and I have gathered stars and gems. They started filling my heart with happiness, the very thing I was looking for but this time it came from inside because I was finding elements that resonated with me or should I say within me?

I grew up in a rural setting, had friends that were rarely my age (this is how few kids were living where I was) and at a time when Internet was at no one’s fingertips. I know it is now becoming harder to remember times before the www. and for the new generation it is an inherent part of life.

The one very subject that kept coming back was mindfulness. Then one night I was listening to a long (very long) talk of Tai Lopez and one of his colleagues (sorry I did not write down the name) mentioned MOOCs (in plain English a worldwide free access to courses on just about anything). I was there like a flash and found this www.futurelearn.com/courses/mindfulness-wellbeing-performance.

Screenshot 2016-04-20 16.29.39

Delivered by Monash University in Australia, I spent the last 6 weeks learning about tools I wished they had taught me at school! I learnt so much. The teachers Craig Hassed and Richard Chambers are amazing. The format was nothing I had experienced before. A mix of videos, articles and resources to read, a forum to answer questions and learn from others, feedback at the end of each segment. This is a new way of learning at a time that course fees are so expensive they are becoming out of reach… You guessed it, I don’t take no lying down very easily and I try to find solutions…

Now these tools of mindfulness are making a big difference in how I work, think and connect with others. My social and professional circles are expanding in unexpected ways but nonetheless very positive. On the face of it I have changed so little but these tiny changes are like an earthquake, shaking all the dust from old thoughts patterns and habits one step at a time.

(Futurelearn has a lot of other courses too…)

All of that started with one book! Choose well is all I can say, whatever works for you. Drop me a line and tell me what was life changing for you. It might be helpful to me and others.



“Stop screwing yourself”

I know this is a bit of a strong title but it comes from Mel Robbins, someone I discovered on TEDTalks a couple of months ago on this talk:

How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF  you can find it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc

I have to say if you have not yet listened to TEDTalks, make that the next thing you do when you have a bit of time. The talks are inspiring and in some cases will blow the cobwebs away. Mel Robbins did it but then again, this is what she has done for the last 17 years so this is not new to her. I loved her very direct talk in addressing issues in your life so I went on Amazon and found her book “Stop saying you’re fine” (The no B-S guide to getting what you want).

stop saying youre fine book collage

I am not going to digest this book for you because this is a personal journey with exercise where you have to address specific parts of your life that do not make you happy. I can’t do yours but I am doing mine.

I have not finished this book. Why? Because I have started working on the stuff I need to change and that takes time. Do you remember what I said about dipping in and out of a book? This is exactly what happens with this. You could read it from cover to cover and… do nothing. Or you could start reading and start doing. Yep. Life changing.

Before you go and buy the book, listen to her talk. Then read reviews by other people that read it then decide if it is for you. Do that with every book. Don’t just take my word for it… unless of course you want to plunge straight away and go for it.

I can share a nugget though. I hope she won’t mind. One of the exercises is to see if you are jerk or chicken. Sounds funny? Yes but it works. Pick a part of your life and see what excuses you come up with in that area. make a list of things you would do if you were not a jerk with yourself (sabotaging yourself) or chicken (scared). . cross out the excuses and start working on the solutions you have written down This is powerful stuff. If you have been unhappy for a while, this may take you towards what you need to do next to make a long lasting change.

It’s been a long time

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post. Well actually I can. It has been a whirl of activities with lots of craft fairs (lots of making) and running workshops so I found it hard writing as well as doing everything else.

My little one now 5 has started big school. This was a bigger shift than I thought possible. She is growing up. She is also spending more time away during the day so naturally, I started filling time with more crafting, sewing and anything necessary to prepare stock. It is amazing how much needs to be done just to participate to an event. Endless! Lots of fun but… you can end up with an empty tank. That was me in December. The last few shows gone, I finally settled to celebrated Xmas. My husband changed jobs after a period of uncertainty and associate stress but now he is a 10 minutes walk from work instead of a two hours commuting by train(that is when they are running on time or not breaking down altogether). I am now sharing my art room as my desk has been hijacked! OK I have free run of the rest of the house. Still….

So after a longer break than planned, I stared resting after feeling burned out. Now If you knew me, you would know that I don’t do rest. I don’t do “doing nothing”!  My diary used to be filled through and cracks and gaps that would dare to show a free space.

One thing changed though. I changed. Mindfully.Photo-2016-01-11-09-29-01

First I read a book called “Calm”. Beautifully tactile, it was a gem filled with the kind of pictures you see on Pinterest a lot. I started meditation and learnt that it is not what I thought it was. Just breathing, nice long  deep breaths. Then taking the time to notice thoughts, single ones, patterns, habits… I felt refreshed but still low in being able to define “what next?”. This had nothing to do with a new year resolution but rather something within that said I was not happy.

Bullet journaling diary, the end of classic diaries

Bullet journaling diary, the end of classic diaries

I am just coming out of hibernation after a lot of reading, drawing (having re-started drawing after 25 years interruption), and maybe the key feeling happier than I have ever been.

Now this is something coming from within, not looking for acceptance from others by from myself. Creative people can be so harsh with themselves. Trust me, I am one of them and it started when I was a child, when my mind started being non-stop.

It feels quite strange to write again. I know it will become more natural as I write some more but this is a reflection on the journey I have taken as a creative mum.

Someone I know said the media around us feed us a lot of short stories of success. Social media does the same when we get highlights of our friends life. Matching any of that, getting success takes time, work, good days and bad days but sometimes we need to know what is really going on, because we can relate to that and find strength in it.

I am now part of a community on an app called YOU. Beautifully made, it is full of people that set micro-actions to change their life. Don’t know what a micro-action is? Well imagine you want to change something big. Ok break it down in tiny pieces, this is where you will find micro-actions. Change happens beautifully in tiny actions that you make every day. And it is free…

the YOU app

the YOU app

This is one of the many things I have changed since I have started adding mindfulness in my life. But this is the start of another post so keep tuned until I write the next instalment.

Be happy, be safe, be well.


With smiles as always

Gaelle by the sea


A date with myself

Weird? No. Essential? Yes.

But first, what is a date with myself?

Well. It is time to escape and recharge the batteries, explore and be open to possibilities.

It is taking time out. No dog, friend, kids or phone. Just go and be in the moment.

Be in the moment

I came across this a few months back in a book called the artist’s way by Julia Cameron. A friend of mine told me to get a copy and it started changing my life.

The man thing is that I started looking after the artist within. It was a strange concept at first but I did not count on synchronicity! Taking time out never came easily to me. It was more long lists of things to do and feeling guilty when doing nothing, with that feeling that I should be doing something, anything. Grace Marshall would call it scanning in that clever article (http://grace-marshall.com/diving-deep/ ) and it gave me very little time to dive deep into nature, inspiration and new ideas.

There is this guilt though, almost a nagging voice that loves to remind me to do all these things at home. I wonder where it comes from. Education? The age of technology and multi-tasking that keeps adding tasks to our daily routine? But guess what? Strange and wonderful things happen when I ignore that voice.

So this morning it was my first long day with myself whilst little P. was at pre-school until 3pm. The weather was finally softer and brighter. All I needed was a destination.

The qtearroom in St Agnes

The qtearroom in St Agnes

I did not go very far, just a few miles down the road and my first stop was  cafe called the q tea rooms which also works as a tiny gallery. Just before walking in, I had a look in the studios next door and some ceramic work caught my eye. No name or cards left but… chatting with the owner of the cafe, it turned out she was the artist in question. We exchanged mental notes about laid back wedding, mine just gone and hers in a week. I felt I had made a connection.

The work of Caroline McDonald

The work of Caroline McDonald

What’ s important here is not where it takes me in the future but how an artist date helps me being in the moment. Everything else can wait. This is what makes me wonder why on earth this is not what they are teaching at school. This would be a gift everyone should be able to enjoy whether they are creative or not. Instead a lot of the teaching goes into these subjects that are to me, very remote from making well rounded individuals that will value time to stand back, enjoy unplanned encounters and recharge batteries. So one day at a time, I am learning myself so I can pass this on to my little girl. I know she is much stronger inside than I ever was when I was a child. But somehow, I can see that some of my experiences might be in her already. We can share and enjoy times together. The world can wait!

Upside down

Black tie and evening dress

For the second time in less than 4 weeks I am going to wear an evening dress! I like the sound of that. There used to me more occasions to dress up but now there are quite rare.

Why? Well that’s kind of what you do when you get nominated then shortlisted for an award (mine is a joint award with Abbi for the collaborators award). In fact, there are many nominations within the Launch and too many to list here. Following The Launch 2014 which we hosted in October, our event has been in the news, online and in print, on radio and the word keeps going. A new venue offered to host the next one because we have now started an event that will repeat itself. Some people are even trying to copy us because no one has done this before in this neck of the woods.

Abbi and I

Abbi and I

So how did the event go? Over 200 people came. Actually more than that but cars filled the car parks, lined the drive and the street up to it and there were the unlucky one that could not park. The buzz was lovely, wine was flowing and conversations were easy. We did not even get the chance to meet the guests we had invited. Each company (21 in total had a personal list) and there was a right mix of guests from political, including the local Maire, to businesses and supporters that have helped us along the way.

Only half of my display was shown on the night, simply because of my dad passing away, I did not get everything ready on time and I preferred to only show what I was completely happy with. There will be other occasions when the rest makes an appearance. Having said that, I created a butterfly frame with multi layers of recycled paper back lit that came down a storm. I chose a very neutral set of colours and again sometimes it is all you need.

In a way this event is still in each of us. we are having a de-brief next week and some of us will continue to collaborate. But collaboration can be in the details, the transport of the display screens by Tim, the profile pictures on the beach by Simone, the updating of the guest list from Porto Rico by Cecily… My confidence has grown and being shortlisted for an award is nice. A few years back I won 3 awards in one night including the most inspiration business person. I guess the first award stay in your heart forever but seeing the acknowledgment of the industry about getting 21 businesses together and promoting business in Cornwall is already an achievement. We did it and will do it again. We may not be on centre stage next time but may involved. But in the meantime we will all do what we do best , with passion.

PS: Results of the awards dinner on the 19th of November!

Buzzing with energy

Gosh. If you could feel the energy in my head and my body right now! Why? How?

I have a plan and it is coming together. Yes as simple as that.


Well, actually not that simple. It has taken many hours to plan, experiment, tinker, write, create… A few nights, I even woke up thinking “how am I going to do this”? That applies to anything by the way. Whatever you are into and want to achieve, my biggest tips is find a mentor. Someone who you can discuss things with. Someone you can throw ideas at and like a juggler, some will stay in the air and some will be dropped. Don’t pick them up. Move on. Concentrate on the essence of what you are doing and why you are doing it. No one can do what you do like you do it so be proud of it.

Bonus? Yep, my first order! I can’t explain how that feels. A mixture of excitement and surprise. The feeling that a very exciting journey is starting.

So feel free to dip into my energy and drop me a line. Let me know what you are doing. Just make sure you stay true to yourself yeah?

Have a buzzing day!

A year filled with hope

A new shinny year has started and after last year, I can only hope for a smoother and more restful ride for everyone this year. It was so nice to have family time that everything else took a back seat. What do you expect with the bad weather that has been battering our country recently (or should I say the word as it comes to it?) and long dark nights. I met quite a lot of people that lost their motivation in December. the funny thing is that they all have, including myself, found their mojo again! It was our way to recharge the batteries and come back stronger.

Just before New Year, we went in the woods for a theatre show called “winter wood” by the Rogue Theatre. It was a lovely experience, meeting fairies and the winter man, leaving wishes on the trees of love and others. The wood kept surprising us. In fact, The actors were tremendous and carried with them a lot of magic and love. It felt very special and out of time. We left wishing the world well. So much positive energy…


The rogue Theatre

So now I am starting to fill my days differently. My little P has started part time pre-school every morning this week. We were both ready for it!! This means that I have the luxury of 15 hours to myself to create and promote what I do. I can’t tell you how long I have wanted that. the thing is, I feel guilty at the same time but it is a well known fact that being a mum does weird things to you and a bit of guilt is part of it. So, there is nothing I can do about that. Or is there? Well, I can for one, make sure that I really enjoy what I do and pass that back to her when I pick her up at lunchtime. She is very keen on playing with my tools, picking pins from my sewing to help etc… so it won’t be long before I can share projects with her!

So before I start posting about design, creation and so on, I will finish this post by wishing you a very happy and fulfilling year to all and I look forward to hear about some of the projects you are going to tackle. Bye for now.