There was silence…

… well on this blog anyway.

So what happened since last time I wrote? As it happens a lot.

The biggest things is that I got married. I said YES!

Me and Adrian said yes, we do!

Me and Adrian said yes, we do!

It was the most beautiful day. We filled the venue with handmade things and wild flowers. I will tell you more later but for now here is one sneaky picture.

I had two weeks before the wedding to get ready after 3 exhibitions back to back, one of them over 4 hours away from home.

Oh yes I was busy creating my new website, another WordPress but this time more specifically designed to promote my work. I will keep hovering between the two because this blog is where I started. I has a special place in my heart and it allows me to write as I please. This doesn’t happen on a website!

So there is much more I want to write but to avoid delays I will stop here and post this and write some more later.

A final thing though, I have just handed a commission today and here is the story



Capturing an emotion

Emotions come and go like butterflies. But sometimes you want to capture them forever, especially if you want to celebrate a special event. So today, I am writing the story of Jo’s frame, complete with goats and how it came about.

A few months back, I took a couple of my frames with me to a baby group and showed them to a couple of people, one of them being Jo. She was overwhelmed by one of me which was one I did for Valentine and was the story of how Adrian and I met. Jo wanted one. But then doubts set in because she thought maybe this was more something she would like but was not so sure her husband would be as keen as her. I just told her that if the story was about them He probably would. So time passed and a few weeks ago< I got the go ahead to make one for her wedding anniversary which is, at the moment of writing this, tomorrow.

We had a coffee together one morning and chatted about how they met. Even though there were nice memories, none was standing out enough so I said to her maybe that is not where the story was. See, when I made my frame, it was with a person and an intention in mind. You cannot reproduce that. You have to listen to the clues. Then, Jo told me how she knew he was the man she wanted to marry and I thought “that’s it, we’ve got the story!”. In a couple of minutes, I had jotted down notes about them and picked on the visual of the gats. The day he proposed, they were in a field in Portugal surrounded by goats!

So I searched for goats! Oh and a bell! Jo said “wouldn’t it be great to add a bell?”

Easier said than done but I like a challenge. I found one coming with Tibet of all places last weekend at an fairy festival. Sometimes, when all normal places fail, you just have to look beyond! The layout changed to accommodate a goat big enough to wear the bell and I removed the glass. A I wrapped the frame in tissue paper, I could hear the tiny tinkling of the bell. Not discreet but lovely.

A wedding anniversary present bringing back how you know he is the one. Gaelle by the sea

A wedding anniversary present bringing back how you know he is the one.
Gaelle by the sea

I have delivered the frame this morning and I am glad to say Jo was over the moon. I can’t wait to hear from her husband. I met him this morning and he knows there is a surprise waiting for him. Part of the pleasure in all this is the build up. After that I am safe in the knowledge that each time Jo and Pritch glance at the frame, it will probably bring a smile on their face and most likely take them back straight there in that field… I love what I do and being able to capture an emotion, a moment in time and bring it to life, the best job in the world.

Do you have stories inside of you? I would love to hear about it and you never know, I could even help… 

The calm after the storm

So it has been a while since I posted anything. Life has been weird for the last few weeks.

The winter has been rough and while some of the worst storms have battered the country time after time, relentlessly, I have to say that life felt like a conscious hibernation with low levels of energy. I was not the only one, mind you. Many people I knew especially creative people found it difficult this winter. Many were affected badly and our thoughts are with them. Fortunately, Things are starting to look up and settle.

We have had sunshine for the last two days. No big news you will say but for us it made a world of difference.

Amazing blue sky!

Amazing blue sky!

Yesterday we have been for a gorgeous walk at Trelissick. 5 minutes away from home, this is a National Trust property, a cafe and art gallery and public free access on the side to hills, woodland and a beach at the bottom. After weeks of torrential rain, high tides and gale winds, the damage was extensive. So, blue sky and broken branches on the ground, driftwood and a whole wall by the beach layered with seaweed!  It felt wonderful to finally be outside after so long inside. We look for bits of lichen on broken branches, driftwood to use in our garden and generally breathed happy! It is amazing what beauty lies around after some storm damage. We came back inspired!

I love he texture of driftwood

Lichen has so may intricacies and I look forward to see it setling in our garden. No trees were harmed in the process of collecting these!

Lichen has so may intricacies and I look forward to see it settling in our garden. No trees were harmed in the process of collecting these!

We also have visited a venue for our wedding which is in the woods and has tipis! We postponed 2 weeks ago due to serious weather warnings and we were lucky to have a dry and clear day. It is to early to disclose where it is because even if we love it, we don’t know yet if we will get this one. The problem was to imagine everything green and warm when we were seeing naked tree, a raging torrent (usually a gentle brook) and were shivering in our wellies! I guess it is the same as seeing nature anywhere in the winter and trying to picture it when it is lush with life and buzzing with bees and butterflies, not having to wear many layers. So after having to postpone the wedding around Xmas, we are now starting from scratch again and now that the house is done, it is easier to concentrate on make this a day to remember. So you will start to see in the next few weeks ideas, inspiration and teasers as we make decisions and start experimenting with many handmade and homemade goodies to make it personal. Obviously, I will have to hold back a bit so that we can still do a big reveal and not spoil the surprise.

So what else is new? Well, I have added new frames in my collection on Etsy You can see more hereLet me know what you think.    

Also with a couple of friends, Abbi and Helen, we are organizing an event to promote our work. More later but this could turn out to be one for the books! Oh, and I am planning to have work in a community art gallery close to where I live.

So my mind is filled with inspiration, ideas and dreams.


Asking her to marry you with emotion

You have been thinking about it for some time. You can’t imagine being with anyone else and the next natural step seems to ask her the big question.

You have probably, (most likely?) seen or heard about proposals that simply put the pressure on.

As I researched the Net about this post,  these are two cute proposals I came across:  and You may think “Gosh that was good” (or voice in your head says “is that what I have to do?” or “can I ever match that?” or the very public proposal that sends chills down your spine (voice in your head now gets louder “no way I’m going through that”).

Oh the weight of expectations…

Stop! Rewind and take a deep breath. Proposing is about you and her, right? Let the world disappear and think about what makes you “being together”.

Proposing is making all these moments together, the breakfasts in bed, the long walks on the beach, whatever makes you want to have that forever…and letting her know. It is asking her with your heart. And yes, she will laugh and comment about other proposals but in the end, the one that matters is the one from you.

So what do you say or do when your heart is racing at the idea?

– Keep it simple. Less is more.

– make it personal. It will show you care and she will remember that forever.

– Think back about the very best of you together and chances are, you will be spot on.

– Be yourself. You are the one she loves, just as you are. Don’t try to be someone else.

– Get help. Ask someone to deliver flowers unexpectedly  or commission something unique she can keep and cherish. It is not about the money. Remember the saying “it is the thought that counts”? It has never been more true.

I hope this will help you towards calming your nerves and enjoying this precious moment. I wish you the very best journey together.

marry me DSCF0742 edited

© 2014 Gaelle by the sea. click here for some more inspiration

Everyone has butterflies in their stomach, the trick is to get them to fly in formation.

Taking the time to blow bubbles

For some people that know me very well, they will tell you that I am usually too busy to relax and I don’t mean crashing on the settee in the front of the TV. That does not count. I am not finding that easy to let go and breathe deeply. I just stack things in my mind until it overflows. Saying that, since we moved to Cornwall, I have started to take some time out.

We talked this week about growing our own flowers for the wedding since our florist put up her prices by more than 50%. The harsh weather this year made everything harder. We understand but this is such a hike that we have decided to go to plan B. Having an allotment and plant seeds… lovely idea but not sure it would be realistic or cost effective… Plan C, pick up wild flowers in the countryside! You may be familiar with picking wild berries for jam which, incidentally we do every year, so this is taking foraging a bit further.

So after a 3 year old birthday party this afternoon, Adrian went to pick flowers whilst I tried to get my little P. to sleep. Fat chance, far too excited!! So we blew bubbles instead as you do! A couple hours later, we had a bunch or anything ranging to wild garlic, cow parsley and many things I don’t even know the name of. Since last year, we have collected glass jars and bottles, even bought a few in antique shops. So whilst little one decided to have an hour long bath…. (no comment!), some flower arranging took place and for a first attempt, it looks good. We wanted low-key, rustic and informal and it works. We will do some more to get some practice and also to get an idea or which ones last (or not as it may happen) and also what is available in this season. We may add a few things like lilac. One thing I can say is that was fun, relaxing and we get to have flowers all around the house for the next few days… Simple pleasures all around and enjoying the fruits of mother nature…

 wild flowers 1

A few pictures to show you our arrangements (if you click on the picture it will open a larger one. not sure WordPress is making it so small but I am still learning so bear with me)

Raring to go

So last night I went to the info session about my business course. I was excited and raring to go. As sessions go, this one was good and was what I expecting… except when it unravelled 5 minutes from the end. You know, it is like unpicking one stitch and a whole line falls off. It was exactly like that. What we did not expect was to be told the course is not starting before mid-June. Silence, bums shuffling on chairs, I was not the only one disappointed and the only fellow there got quite irate. More unravelling… So forget all the efforts in arranging childcare, my partner changing his work hours with his boss for me to go, and a pending house move when we start. I will go then of course. It is just that I was so looking forward to it and most of our life is in limbo. The new windows for the house have not turned up as planned today and it will be next week now before the renovation can resume. We are dreading the time when we will be told we have to stay longer in rented accommodation, it is so expensive and we can’t afford it.

 Anyway, last night was one of these rare times when we could go out for a romantic dinner, just the two of us. Candles, smooth music and fantastic food at a restaurant called Saffron. Gosh, I have missed going out with him like that, holding hands and relaxing. We talked about the wedding to come, the house, well stuff… I was very mellow by the end of the evening. We went for a quick night cap in a cocktail place to finish off our evening. It felt like skipping school and responsibilities!

Some people tackle one thing at a time.


Some people tackle one thing at a time. Not me! Even when I try, it simply does not happen that way.

See recently I have had an operation on my ankle (3rd time lucky) but it is also my fifth operation in the last 5 years. So on average one a year and each time I have had reduced mobility and help from my family to look after my little one. Not driving is so restricting but I won’t go into that. My mum has been terrific and it was great to see her for a while as I only see her about once a year due to living abroad.

My mother in law is here now for a few days and she insists in us booking the wedding so she can in turn book her bed & breakfast. Ok we have a date but we are unsure on how to set the day. Ideally we want a blessing on the beach and the rest of the reception in our house (currently in full renovation mode). We have a year to go so that plan was to discuss and set things in motion once the house is finished and we move back in. Hum… that would be too simple… house is late, moving back will be late and we are going to hit that phase where we have to make loads of decisions about the finishing touches, the kitchen, stuff we will have to live with. So my brain is whizzing round with thoughts of the bespoke distressed staircase that our builder has agreed to do but we have to finish, the miles of painting to do and many other things, the decoration, the pretty bits and ideas…. You can see where I am going with this don’t you? oh…. and tomorrow I am starting my business course!

I have started making compartments in my mind like my Pinterest boards, adding as I go along. It kind of works. To be honest, my brain never thinks in a straight line anyway so what is the point of making do something that goes against the grain? It is funny how somehow it works. My partner at the contrary is feeling overloaded despite not handling half of what I have in my head. So tomorrow, we are taking the rare chance to go out for dinner and relax for a couple of hours. No cooking, no TV, just us. That will be nice. Our family lives far away you see so childcare is either complicated, expensive or both so we end up not going out. This will be after my course so I will probably be buzzing with ideas and stuff. Can’t wait. so many possibilities… and the tiny window of opportunity to explore and think without boundaries before closing in and making decisions again. Time to enjoy the moment…


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