The calm after the storm

So it has been a while since I posted anything. Life has been weird for the last few weeks.

The winter has been rough and while some of the worst storms have battered the country time after time, relentlessly, I have to say that life felt like a conscious hibernation with low levels of energy. I was not the only one, mind you. Many people I knew especially creative people found it difficult this winter. Many were affected badly and our thoughts are with them. Fortunately, Things are starting to look up and settle.

We have had sunshine for the last two days. No big news you will say but for us it made a world of difference.

Amazing blue sky!

Amazing blue sky!

Yesterday we have been for a gorgeous walk at Trelissick. 5 minutes away from home, this is a National Trust property, a cafe and art gallery and public free access on the side to hills, woodland and a beach at the bottom. After weeks of torrential rain, high tides and gale winds, the damage was extensive. So, blue sky and broken branches on the ground, driftwood and a whole wall by the beach layered with seaweed!  It felt wonderful to finally be outside after so long inside. We look for bits of lichen on broken branches, driftwood to use in our garden and generally breathed happy! It is amazing what beauty lies around after some storm damage. We came back inspired!

I love he texture of driftwood

Lichen has so may intricacies and I look forward to see it setling in our garden. No trees were harmed in the process of collecting these!

Lichen has so may intricacies and I look forward to see it settling in our garden. No trees were harmed in the process of collecting these!

We also have visited a venue for our wedding which is in the woods and has tipis! We postponed 2 weeks ago due to serious weather warnings and we were lucky to have a dry and clear day. It is to early to disclose where it is because even if we love it, we don’t know yet if we will get this one. The problem was to imagine everything green and warm when we were seeing naked tree, a raging torrent (usually a gentle brook) and were shivering in our wellies! I guess it is the same as seeing nature anywhere in the winter and trying to picture it when it is lush with life and buzzing with bees and butterflies, not having to wear many layers. So after having to postpone the wedding around Xmas, we are now starting from scratch again and now that the house is done, it is easier to concentrate on make this a day to remember. So you will start to see in the next few weeks ideas, inspiration and teasers as we make decisions and start experimenting with many handmade and homemade goodies to make it personal. Obviously, I will have to hold back a bit so that we can still do a big reveal and not spoil the surprise.

So what else is new? Well, I have added new frames in my collection on Etsy You can see more hereLet me know what you think.    

Also with a couple of friends, Abbi and Helen, we are organizing an event to promote our work. More later but this could turn out to be one for the books! Oh, and I am planning to have work in a community art gallery close to where I live.

So my mind is filled with inspiration, ideas and dreams.